Wood Impregnator

Invisible protection for wood that prevents rotting and discolouration

Super Hydrophobic

Our Wood Impregnator creates a super hydrophobic surface which keeps the exterior wood dry. A surface is considered super hydrophobic if a water droplet beads up (with a contact angle greater than 150⁰) and the droplets can slide away from the surface readily.

Super hydrophobic surfaces repel water, causing it to form beads because it is more attracted to itself than the surface. This means water will run off the surface making it extremely difficult to wet.

This is known as the ‘lotus effect’ due to its similarity to the lotus leaf but is also seen on duck feathers and butterfly wings.

Wooden surfaces which have been treated with Wood Impregnator will respond in the same way, meaning water will form droplets and won’t penetrate the timber.



Water is a major cause of damage to wooden surfaces. The moisture will cause rot and a continual damaging cycle of swelling and contracting which can lead to cracking, warping and shrinking.

  • Extends the lifespan of the wood
  • Prevents rotting
  • Prevents discolouration
  • Minimises shrinkage
  • Obstructs the growth of unsightly moss, algae and lichens

Highly Breathable

Wood Impregnator does not restrict the ability for treated wood to breathe. This allows water vapour to escape the treated wood, preventing a build up of moisture  within the timber. This breathability combined with the super hydrophobic technology is what prevents the damage that moisture causes.

Self Cleaning

By repelling water, Wood Impregnator has self cleaning properties. Treated wood remains clean and attractive as dirt washed away with rainfall. This significantly reduces maintenance & ensures bare wood looks  brand new for years to come.

Key Features

  • For use on all vertical bare timber such as wooden fencing, log cabins, wooden gates, exterior wooden beams & wood fascia.
  • Dries clear, it does not alter the  appearance of the wood
  • Extends the lifespan of the wood by keeping it dry
  • Discourages moss, green growth & discolouration

Quality Standards

Wood Impregnator is water repellent in line with DIN 4108 (European rating for water repellency).

The wood impregnator is tested and certified in accordance with EN 15824 : 2009, confirming the product’s performance with regard to water absorption, water  vapour permeability, tensile strength, thermal conductivity and long term durability.

In independent testing conducted by UKAS accredited laboratory Lucideon, Wood Impregnator was found to perform for 25 years in accordance with EAD 040287-00-04:2018.