Professional Preparation and Application

  • Full inspection of the external walls
  • Cleaning of walls to provide the best possible surface to apply the masonry creme
  • Any areas in need of attention are repaired
  • Repointing carried out where required

We take pride in ensuring that all preparatory steps are carried out to the highest standard so that the masonry creme can give you as much benefit as possible. Read more about our installation process here.

1: Survey

Check the condition of all outside walls.

2: Cleaning

By removing all the dirt, mould, stains and flaky paint we can quickly see where repairs need to be made to give the best possible surface for the treatment to bond to.


3: Moss and Algae Prevention

Any moss, lichens or algae are treated to remove their roots and spores, and ultimately preventing them from being able to grow back.

4: Initial Repair to Cracks

We meticulously work to remove any loose material from cracks in the walls and then fill them using an exceptionally high-quality filler. This gives us the best possible surface, free from debris.


5: Repairs to Render

Damaged render is removed and then replaced to ensure a uniformed, matched surface.

6: Bagging

Poor quality and unpainted surfaces undergo additional treatment to provide phenomenal stabilisation


7: Primer Coat

Our dedicated primer is applied. This gives the best possible surface for the teatment to adhere to and helps give the treament its long lifespan

6: Coating Application

Finally, the hydrophobic, energy-saving coating is applied! This is either invisible or if one of our facade coatings is being used, it is to your chosen colour and texture.