Tested & Certified

Independently Tested by Lucideon to give you peace of mind

Independently Tested

Masonry Crème and Facade Coating have been independently tested by the UKAS accredited testing and analysis laboratory, Lucideon, to give you peace of mind.

Lucideon’s world-leading testing and characterisation laboratories enabled them to scientifically and impartially test our wall coatings to ensure they are fit for purpose and conform to regulations.

25 Year Perfomance

To determine the long term performance of our wall coatings, the coatings were subjected to repeated heat-rain cycles followed by heat-cold cycles at controlled humidity to simulate weathering correlating to 25 years exposure.

25 year performance and durability was confirmed. The results revealed no change in performance or aesthetic appearance after accelerated weather testing. There was also no evidence of water penetration and a reduction in salt efflorescence compared to uncoated bricks.

Energy standard passed: ETAG 034:2012 – 25 year hygrothermal performance

Energy Efficency

To test the thermal performance benefits of our wall coatings, temperature readings were taken before, during and after the accelerated weathering test.

Bricks coated with our products were found to be more energy efficient than uncoated ones. The thermal image here was taken of the rear of the wall during a rain cycle and it clearly shows a 6⁰C temperature differential between coated and uncoated bricks. The uncoated brick panel is in the middle.

Quality standard passed: ETAG 004:2011 – External thermal insulation composite

Highly Breathable

Testing was conducted to determine the effect our wall coatings have on the ability of the bricks to allow moisture to escape.

Specimens of coated bricks were submitted for the determination of water vapour resistance using the wet-cup method.

Our wall coatings were found to have little effect on the breathability of the brick substrate. The mean SD value of the uncoated specimens was 0.57, compared to 0.56 and 0.60 for specimens coated with Masonry Crème and Facade Coating.

Quality standard passed: BS EN ISO 7783:2011 – Water Vapour diffusion

Highly Water Repellent

The super hydrophobic (highly water repellent) properties of the coatings were put to the test using Lucideon’s In House Moisture Content Testing Method PR 27:1998.

The test results revealed that coated bricks were able to repel water and reduce absorption by up to 96.3% for Masonry Creme and 93.4% for Facade Coating when compared to uncoated bricks.

Additional Certifications and Verifications

Our products have been verified by the Energy Savings Trust and benefits from numerous European certfications which include;

  • EN ISO 15148:2002 Hygrothermal Performance
  • EN 15824:2009 Water absorption, vapour permeability, tensile strength, thermal conductivity & long term durability.