Eco Warm Walls

Keep your home warm and dry

Contact us for a free survey today. Reduce your home energy costs now.

Eco Warm Walls

Keep your home warm and dry

Contact us for a free survey today. Reduce your home energy costs now.

A dry home is a warm home
We are proud that our products have been verified by the Energy Saving Trust
A dry home is a warm home.
We are proud that our products have been verified by the Energy Saving Trust.






Improve energy efficiency


“Be it old or new, a dry home is a warm home”

Welcome to Eco Warm Walls

Our super hydrophobic waterproof coatings by ProPERLA are designed to reduce energy costs, save money and protect homes.

By keeping your walls and roof dry, you will improve the thermal efficiency of your home and reduce heat loss.

Moisture in building materials is the key driver to energy loss. Mineral building materials, such as clay, natural stone, slate and terracotta, transfer heat much quicker when wet. Just a 5% content of damp in building materials can lower the thermal resistance by up to 50%.

A little about us

Eco Warm Walls is based in Horsham, West Sussex and Farnham, Surrey. Our directors have over 70 years of experience in the industry. We specialise in thermal insulation, helping thousands to reduce their energy bills.

Our latest product

Eco Warm Walls is a professional, authorised installer of ProPERLA Masonry Créme, manufactured in Germany with modern nano technology. At a time when energy costs are soaring, ProPerla is an exceptionally cost effectove way of lowering the cost of your bill.

This thermal image shows the difference of heat escaping from a treated and untreated property

How homes lose heat

Bricks have natural insulation, but they are porous materials full of cavities that are or liquid can pass through.

This means when it rains, water soaks into the masonry and there is a build-up of moisture. This draws much more heat out from inside the house. ProPERLA products are fully breathable that have been shown to significantly reduce heat from escaping by keeping the brick dry.

How it works

ProPERLA is applied in one coat. It is sprayed onto the surface of the brickwork and althoug hit looks white initially, it is transparent within 30 minutes. Rather than just protecting the surface, it absorbs into the bricks – or other materials including sandstone and concrete – by up to 17mm, while still allowing the brick to breathe.


This creates an effective insulation barier that reduces the amount of water absorption by up to 95%.  The photos here are examples of our own work and the difference our products make.

Even if bricks are only 5% damp, their thermal resistance can be reduced by up to 50% ProPERLA keeps the weather out and the warmth inside.

A visible difference…

You can visibly notice the difference when it rains, as you’ll see water beading on the brickwork, rather than being absorbed.

The same effect is seen when you apply a water sealeant to protect masonry, but whereas that works as a surface repellent, ProPERLA Masonry Cremé is absorbed deep into the brickwork to prevent heat from escaping, whilst retaining breathability.

We specialise in a range of hydrophobic and water repellent treatments, including facade coating which comes in a range of colours and also help reduce your energy bills.

This image shos the stark difference between a teated property on the right of the photo and un treated on the left.

Product Guarantee

All ProPERLA exterior coating products benefit from a manufacturer’s performance guarantee of between 10-20 years.All ProPERLA exterior coating products benefit from a manufacturer’s performance guarantee of between 10-20 years.

Only 5% VAT!

Because of its high energy saving credentials our Masonry Creme is approved by HMRC for a special 5% VAT rate.


Complete Peace of Mind…

ProPERLA exterior coatings benefit from a manufacturer’s performance guarantee of 20 years and our 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

So call us on 01403 886 904 for a free survey and quotation or to find out more about how we can help you. In the meantime, why not read more about our range of products specifically designed to help save on energy costs.

Super Hydrophobic



Insulation Barrier

Eco Warm Walls’ Services


Masonry Creme

Improve energy efficiency and lower energy use by keeping the weather out and the warmth in.

Wood Impregnator

Invisible protection for wood that prevents rotting and discolouration

Facade Coating

Lotus Effect Coloured Facade Coating.  Super Hydrophobic, Self-Cleaning Decorative and Protective.

Water Repellent

Reduce water absorption. Save energy

Testing & Certification

Independently tested by Lucideon ro give you peace of mind.

Suitable for a wide range of substrates


About Us - Eco Warm Walls

Eco Warm Walls

At Eco Warm Walls we are very aware everyone is currently facing a huge change in how they use energy. We need to be more mindful than ever in ensuring that energy is used wisely and conscientiously, especially when framed against the cost of living the cost to the environment and its contribution to climate change.

Our specific expertise is dedicated to addressing these concerns and giving you a warm, sound, safe, comfortable, and efficient place to live.

Our products and services provide many years of comfort as well as reduced maintenance and upkeep. 

We are also experts in repointing masonry and repairing brickwork to ensure that any additional coatings we use are applied to the best possible surface - and ultimately probably the biggest investment you have made - your home.

Masonry Creme, Facade Coating and Water Repellant all come with long-term manufacturer’s guarantees and are proven to withstand all climatic conditions. 

Single-skin buildings will especially benefit from our products and their application, but their use on modern buildings with cavity walls also provides a dry and protective barrier to the elements.

Spray foam insulation, bead insulation and other cavity wall insulation methods are great at keeping your home warm and efficient provided they stay dry. In some cases, given the prevailing conditions such as driving rain insulation materials may not dry out completely. Our protective barriers prevent damp from reaching the insulating material.

This addresses problems such as water being soaked up like a sponge by cavity wall insulation material, from making its way into pockets within poorly fitted insulation, and serious issues such as wall tie corrosion.

Rest assured that we are expertly placed to help you, whether it's with remedial or preventative solutions.

25 Years' Guarantee

The ONLY wall coating in the UK to have been tested in a hygothermal chamber and to be verified by the energy saving trust

Leading Specialists in providing Hydrophobic coatings to protect masonry keep warmth in

Covering Southern England

Comprehensive Guarantee of between 10 and 20 years depending on service used.